German Economy Minister Sees Possible Victory for Democracy in Ukraine

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Thursday he could see the possibility of victory for democracy in Ukraine and vowed to send more weapons as the country battles to extend its territorial gains against Russia.

“You now can see that it could come to an end with victory for freedom and democracy,” Habeck told reporters after meeting Ukraine’s trade minister at a G7 gathering in the German state of Brandenburg.

Germany would continue to decide which weapons to deliver in discussion with NATO partners, Habeck said, adding that “within this process, I know that more weapons are going to come.”

Habeck said he and Yulia Svyrydenko, who also serves as first vice prime minister of Ukraine, discussed ways to drum up financial support for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“A lot of money is needed. More money than public money can bring alone,” the German minister said. “We need an instrument, a fund, in a way that creates a strong and stable opportunity for companies to invest.”

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This global fund could pull together aid from private investors, banks and hedge funds, he added.

Ukraine needs 350 billion dollars for reconstruction, according to Kyiv’s own estimates, Habeck said.

(Writing by Paul Carrel, editing by Rachel More and Miranda Murray)

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